Our Values


Trudo Realty might be in the business of real estate, but behind every property is a person – managing it, leasing it, buying it, showing it, caring for it, calling it home.


We know you need a lot more than someone with a ring full of keys. You need a partner. That's why we have advisors, not agents, who are here to help every step of the way.


Getting to know you is the first step in finding you a perfect place to live. We believe in the power of life-long relationships and what it means to be your real estate partner.


By focusing on things that matter, like people and relationships Trudo is able to consistently deliver exceptional customer service. Just look at our reviews.


The only thing our advisors do better than listening is finding you a great place to live. Coincidence? Of course not. We're good at what we do because we're good listeners.

Trudo office Mission

Trudo Realty began in 2010 when two real estate agents decided there was room in the market for an agency focused on people. What began as a specialization in high-end apartment loans in Chicago's north and west sides, has evolved into a market presence throughout the Loop, Near South Side, North and West sides, and Evanston. Though we continue to grow, our values and commitment to customer service remain unchanged. Always looking to the future, Trudo believes in long-term relationships and is excited to see where the market, and our customers, will take us next.

Our Advisors

Aaron Mead

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(872) 529-0881


Before moving to Chicago, this Michigan native lived in San Francisco for 17 years. Aaron enjoys cooking, golfing, and archery.

Aaron Vincel


with Trudo since 2013

(219) 617-3282


Aaron has called Logan Square home for 8 years. He enjoys playing music (drums, guitar, piano) and secretly loves romcoms.

Absalom Givens

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2017

(708) 495-1137


This life-long Chicagoan is big fan of the Godfather movies (1 and 2), pecan pie, and spending time with his daughter.

Cameron Lippert

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(262) 425-0533


When he's not out trying new restaurants or drink spots, Cam enjoys chilling at his crib in Andersonville with Miss Vanjie, the betta fish.

Chris Kalinowski

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2014

(773) 899-2375


Chris has been to 47 of the 50 United States and has a black belt in tae kwon do. If that’s not impressive we don’t know what is.

Daniel Ennion


with Trudo since 2015

(781) 667-4166


Daniel’s self-given nickname is "The Agent of the Night." That pretty much sums it up.

David Jackson


with Trudo since 2014

(312) 283-4329


David’s greatest fear is balconies with low railings. Rest assured he’ll keep you safe on showings.

David Quezada

Senior Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2013

(773) 431-7066


This seafood lover is an avid soccer player and former professional athlete for the Ecuadorian national football league. David también habla español.

Felipe Yung

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(262) 448-6614


Born in Brazil, but raised in LA, this UIC grad has called Chicago home for more than two decades. His favorite sports are basketball and tennis.

Gerry Romero

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2017

(847) 920-6350


This Logan Square resident loves estate sales, buying hats, and spending time with his family (including their shiztsu named Penny).

Heather Albera

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(773) 458-4670


This Air Force veteran is a up-sales hobbyist. She enjoys reselling unique finds from estate sales, garage sales, and flea markets.

Jamie Walker

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(773) 657-2402


Believe it or not, Jamie has actually died and been brought back to life! The story is, unfortunately, too long for this bio space. But if you ask, she'll probably tell you.

Jonathan Cohler


with Trudo since 2017

(773) 288-2697


Jonathan lives in Chicago's Irving Park neighborhood with his family and owns a hotel in Costa Rica (um, vacation anyone?).

Jordan Tyner

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2016

(224) 307-6391


Cat-mom to Gizzy, Jordan plays the French horn and can whistle like no one’s business. She’s also one of seven children.

Joshua Miller

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(413) 497-4625


Before starting a band with his cousins (called Cousins), Josh worked in Minneapolis as a pianist for a homeless shelter/gospel church.

Klaudia Horan

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(262) 724-0554


Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, this bi-lingual sports fan enjoys snowboarding, playing tennis, and traveling.

Lakesha Williams

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(312) 880-9683


Born and raised in Oak Park, this true blue Chicagoan loves reading, shopping, and singing gospel music.

Martez Hester

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(872) 205-6908


This former collegiate and professional football player has lived all over the country including Baltimore, Atlanta, DC, Muncie and (presently) Chicago!

Melody Balicki

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(262) 724-6160


Hailing from Brooklyn N-Y-C, this craft enthusiast enjoys wreath making, cooking and scrapbooking in her spare time.

Paula Coellar

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(773) 482-3747


Paula is an avid traveler and adventure-seeker who prefers jumping from airplanes rather than boats. She's completed four skydives and is terrified of scuba diving.

Stephanie Clay

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2018

(312) 890-1943


This life-long Chicagoan stays in the west loop. She loves the outdoors, playing sports, and hanging out with her family and friends.

Yonatan Aguilar

Leasing Advisor

with Trudo since 2016

(773) 988-6168


Born and raised in Chicago, Yonatan (or "Yony" for short) loves sports, tamales and flan. Not necessarily in that order.

Your Name

Future Leasing Advisor

Joining Trudo oh so soon

(312) 985-7779


Interested in joining the team? Give us a shout. We're always in the market for ambitious, hardworking, people-loving people.

Office Staff

Christopher Caton

Managing Broker

with Trudo since 2010

(312) 725-0142


Chris has lived in Chicago since 2008 and currently resides in Buena Park. His secret talent: juggling, literally and figuratively.

Judy Sherwin

Listing Coordinator

with Trudo since 2019

(312) 985-7779


For the time being, Judy is opting for an air of mystery. Come back soon for a more telling bio.

Andrew Griffin

Talent Coordinator

with Trudo since 2018

(434) 218-0707


Ruled by the 4th House and the Moon, our resident Cancer enjoys yoga, biking and beaching. The way to his heart: sweets.

JB Becker

Brand Manager

with Trudo since 2015

(312) 985-7779


JB’s spirit animal is a giant squid. She’s also a little bit psychic, enjoys gardening and French-themed living room picnics.

Nichole Aylward

Office Manager

with Trudo since 2015

(312) 985-7779


Nichole is our resident Ace Ventura in every way — except when it comes to ants. She’s deathly afraid of ants.

Emma Harmon

Administrative Assistant

with Trudo since 2019

(312) 985-7779


Emma is an enigma. She's staunchly opposed to having her personal information on the web and refuses to approve a bio. (JK, her bio is coming soon.)

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